Vin Worldwide Transport LLC (VinWorld) is an experienced international shipping and logistics service provider. We are a non-asset based freight forwarder that offers B2B ocean and air transport services for both import and export of commercial cargo. We provide third-party (3PL) logistics services such as warehousing and distribution through our third-party vendor partners.

Who uses our services? We provide transport solutions to small and medium-sized distributors and large manufacturers that are either exporting to international markets or importing products or raw materials into the U.S. We manage the entire shipping process — from paperwork and export/import approvals to booking space on airplanes/ships and pickup/delivery to and from warehouses.

Ocean Freight

The world is your oyster...because we’re everywhere you need to be. Whether you’re looking to ship clothes or cars, food or furniture, we’ll provide you with access to top-tier carriers at the lowest rates. We’ll also navigate customs clearance a...

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Air Freight

Need to get your freight in the air? We're ready to take it there. To meet your cargo deadlines consistently and keep your customers happy, you need a freight forwarder with an expansive global network and impressive international portfolio. S...

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Looking to manage your inventory to boost sales while reducing space, overproduction, or wastage of perishable goods? We’ll handle your warehousing and distribution needs with complete confidence and care. When you combine shipments with VinWor...

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Project Cargo

Whether you’d like to ship oil-well equipment to the Middle East, construction cranes to Africa, auto parts to Asia, or yachts to Europe–your heavy cargo is about to get a whole lot lighter. Although moving oversized and heavy cargo often requi...

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3PL Services

VinWorld is a freight forwarding company and also a 3PL (third-party) logistics provider. What does this mean? As a freight forwarder, Vin Worldwide moves cargo from one destination to another via airplane and ocean liner as well as other modes of...

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